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Vojens Airport – best airport in Southern Denmark –


Private & Business

We accommodate private and business travellers, travel- and charter agencies.



Vojens Airport offers freight and logistical services

Easy Come, Easy Go, Easy Flight

We offer

Begin with a just two-minute walk from the parking place to the boarding gate



High standards and service

Vojens Airport is a modern and newly renovated airport in Southern Denmark, in close proximity to the German border.

At Vojens Airport we accommodate business travellers, travel- and charter agencies. Vojens Airport offers service and solutions to meet our customers` needs. From booking to take-off, you will experience a unique service.

Easy Come, Easy Go, Easy Flight

Vojens Airport understands and offers efficiency, and you will discover the meaning of Easy Come, Easy Go, Easy Flight, a smooth travel beginning with a just two-minute walk from the parking place to the boarding gate.

Vojens Airport is newly renovated, and our aim is for you to enjoy your brief stay with us. From check-in to boarding, all operations are carried out in state-of-the-art facilities. Regardless of your purpose and destination, you are off to a good start with the personalized and comfortable facilities offered at Vojens Airport.

Vojens Airport shares the base with Fighter Wing Skrydstrup, which is the Danish Defence Force’s battalion of F-16 fighter jets, the pilots, and additional personnel working in the squadron.



  • No airport slots
  • All basic ground-handling services
  • ILS CAT I equipped airport
  • Fixed Based Operator with full service handling
  • Certified as a Schengen Airport Denmark


  • All basic ground-handling services
  • Free parking
  • Pre-take off comfort in our relaxing lounge
  • Conference room available
  • Certified customs airport


Vojens Lufthavn
Lilholtvej 8 – DK 6500 Vojens
TEL: +45 7459 1654



Tariff regulation, Vojens Airport

All prices are exclusive of taxes and VAT.

Standard provisions
(1) For aircraft using Vojens Airport, tariffs are payable according to this tariff regulation.
(2) The regulation contains provisions for start tariff, passenger tariff, stopover and night tariff.
(3) All tariffs are stated exclusive of VAT.
(4) Tariffs for domestic flights, cf. clause 2(1), to be added the current VAT rate.

Start tariffs
(1) For each start, the below start tariff is payable, calculated on the basis of the aircraft’s maximum take-off weight, in accordance with the airworthiness certificate/flight manual.
Tariffs approved by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority
a. Aircraft up to and including 2,000 kg DKK 90.00
b. Aircraft weighing over 2,000 kg DKK 56.00 per started tonne, however, minimum DKK 140.00
(2) The above tariffs may be reduced or cancelled under conditions stated in clauses 3, 7 and 10.

Other provisions section 3
3(1) Tariffs pursuant to this tariff regulation are payable to the airport office prior to each commenced scheduled flight. If air carriers or individuals fly from the airport on a regular basis, the airport administration is, however, prepared to conclude agreements for periodic settlement in arrears.Tariffs fall due for payment at the end of the settlement period.
(2) If cash settlement is unpaid without prior agreement, a management surcharge of DKK 60.00 may be charged for each payment demand.
(3) If payments are not settled, the provisions of sections 71 and 146 of the Danish Air Navigation Act, pertaining to distraint and right of retention, shall apply.
4 For information about handling tariffs, traffic management, platform management and additional services/equipment, please refer to the tariffs sheet on the next page.
5 Assistance with aircraft engine starts and other services provided by airport personnel are payable by invoice.
(2) Vojens Airport’s manager may determine special tariffs for platform dispatch and other special dispatches at the airport.
6 Vojens Airport’s manager may, in cases where it is not a matter of principle or of greater economic significance, grant exemption from this tariff regulation.

Tariff exemptions
7 (1) Exemption from the payment of the start and passenger tariffs outlined in clauses 2 and 4 shall apply to:
a. Test flights at the instigation of the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority, to determine an aircraft’s airworthiness.
b. Technical inspection flight for commercial air transport providers, if the flight involves start and landing at the same airport, with no landing elsewhere whilst en route.
c. Non-self-propelled gliders, motorised aircraft used to launch them.
d. Technical return, i.e. a start after forced return to the airport due to technical problems, bad weather, etc.
e. The aircraft is owned or rented by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority.
f. Danish and foreign military aircraft that are not listed in the civil air transport registers.
g. The aircraft is in use by search and rescue services.
h. Aircraft used exclusively for the carriage of the representatives of foreign states or UN personnel, as well as aircraft used by the police, customs and inspections authorities of foreign states.
(2) It is a precondition for the granting of an exemption pursuant to a, b and c, that specific notification has been given to the airbase or to the airport office.
(3) Exemption from payment of the stopover tariff outlined in clause 5 shall apply to the aircrafts listed in e, f, g and h.

Stopover tariffs
8 (1)
A stopover tariff is payable for each commenced 24 hour period for open-air aircraft stays at the airport beyond the first 6 hours, which is DKK 8.00 for each commenced 1,000 kg of the aircraft’s maximum take-off weight in accordance with certificates of airworthiness/flight manual. The minimum tariff is DKK 30.00.
(2) The tariff is payable, regardless of whether the aircraft has had hangar space at its disposal in the same period, for which a rental fee has been paid.
(3) Stopover tariffs can, for rents of a month or longer, be replaced by a rental fee that is fixed by agreement with the relevant airport. The rental fee is payable in advance and shall not be refundable, even if the stopover only extends over a shorter period. Subletting is not allowed.

9 Opening tariffs
(1) Flights to and from Skrydstrup Air Base in the period between 06.30 and 23.00 are payable pursuant to the provisions of the tariff regulation for airports issued by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority. Opening of Vojens Airport in the period 23.00 to 06.30 and outside normal opening hours are subject to a tariff of DKK 500 per commenced hour.
Tariff reduction
10 Please refer to the tariff regulation for airports issued by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority.

Passenger tariffs
11 (1) For all aircraft and in addition to the tariff outlined in section 2, a passenger tariff of DKK 95.00 is payable for each departing passenger. This tariff is payable, regardless of the actual number of passenger seats on the flight in question.
(2) For transit passengers, DKK 20.00 is payable per passenger. If the passengers remain on board the aircraft, no passenger tariff is payable.
(3) The passenger tariff is not payable for the air carrier’s staff on work-related flights, or for children under 2 years.
(4) Separate reimbursement from passengers is not permitted.
12 The airport is not responsible for theft, or for fire, water or other damage with regard to the aircraft, its equipment, crew, passengers, cargo, etc. during the aircraft’s stopover at the airport, both inside and outside hangars.
13 This regulation enters into force on 1 October 2011 and shall apply until further notice.